Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Work: This one's a heart-stopper

IU Health Goshen Heart & Vascular has been on a roll lately.

First, they put us in charge of reprising their award-winning "Thump Thump" campaign, which reminded viewers why Goshen is the premier heart and vascular center in the region.

Now, we've worked together to create an all-new, fully integrated campaign for heart attack response. 

During a heart attack, every minute matters. So needless to say, we managed to squeeze plenty of drama into the TV, radio, digital, outdoor, and print installments.

We're suckers for suspense, so of course the TV spot is our favorite. Get some popcorn ready, and check it out.

It's only 30 seconds long, so eat quickly.

That spot complements a wide range of traditional and online tactics, all driving to the whole story at the IU Health Goshen Heart & Vascular website. Want to know how it all ends? Go see the whole campaign at our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

TAD spotlighted in "Leading Business" Magazine

Here at TAD, we've never been shy about sharing our expertise. After 28 years, we've got plenty to go around.

So when the Elkhart Chamber of Commerce gave us the opportunity to share our thoughts in November's Leading Business Magazine, we had plenty of thoughts to share.

Check out the article below, and get an industry insider's view from Steve Miller (TAD's Group Strategy Director). Today, having an ad agency on your company's side isn't just a luxury. It's key to survival:

3 Reasons You (Yes, Even You) Need An Ad Agency