Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Work: Capturing the “Divine Moment”

Before he decided to change his life, Marcus weighed nearly 450 pounds and playing basketball seemed only a dream. Since contacting Team:Bariatrics, Marcus has lost 210 pounds, (that’s an NBA shooting guard!) and he’s back on the court, living the dream. Determined to help others actualize their own dreams, Marcus made a bold move by sharing his story and telling those still struggling with obesity, “It’s time to take your shot.”

Todd Allen Design teamed up with Overdun Productions to shoot this :60 TV spot at Rockne Memorial Gym on the campus of Notre Dame. Excited about the natural light this gymnasium offered, the entire crew was especially delighted when an amazing amount of light began pouring through the windows halfway through the shoot.

“We could not have planned it any better. Some of the crew called it ‘God Light.’ Guess that's a perk of shooting at Notre Dame,” TAD Creative Director Jeff Middaugh said.

You can witness this divine moment for yourself at the :30 mark, when Marcus begins to talk about Team:Bariatrics and how they helped change his life. The light continues to get brighter throughout the remainder of the shoot.

Seriously! Indiana. Basketball. Newt Rockne Memorial Gymnasium. Notre Dame campus. A personal success story. And a gift of radiant light. Now, how righteous is that?